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Affiliates Program Overview

As stated in the introduction, Web5star believes in the commercial advantages that exist between businesses when their services are complementary and therefore likely to benefit each of the parties. With this in mind, Web5star has developed an Affiliate Commercial Arrangement.

The proposed arrangement is simple to operate and it is based in the desire to improve business opportunities and financial advantages between the parties. In order for you to establish an Affiliate Commercial Arrangement with Web5star, all we really need is your initial commitment to promote and sell our Web Hosting services to your clients.

To register as an Affiliate of Web5star we require the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Name of your business
  • Registration number of your business
  • Your ABN (under your name or the business name)
  • Your Business address (to send payment of commissions)
  • Your Postal address (to send payment of commissions, if paid by cheque)
  • Your E-mail address (for communication)
  • Your telephone number (for direct contact) and Fax number (if available)
Once you have registered you interest in becoming an Affiliate of Web5star and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, we will offer you the following commercial advantages.


You will get a 20% recurring commission on the quarter or annual fees for the provision of web hosting services to your clients under one of Web5star advertised plans. The commissions are accrued at the end of the billing period, that is, at the end of each quarter and for as long as your client maintains its account paid quarterly in advance. For accounts paid on an annual basis, the commissions are accrued at the end of the second quarter.

The following table is an example of commissions (ex GST) for one year based on current rates and on quarterly payments.

Web Hosting Plan

Based Service

20% Commission

Based Service

20% Commission
Hello World AU$ 217.09 AU$  43.42 AU$ 108.00 AU$  27.00
Personal Advantage AU$ 359.45 AU$  71.89 AU$ 174.00 AU$  43.50
Business Domination AU$ 490.32 AU$  98.06 AU$ 261.27 AU$  65.32
Corporate Supremacy AU$ 697.68 AU$ 139.54 AU$ 359.40 AU$  89.85


Domain Name registration fees are already very competitive in the Australian market and our "Five Star Domain Name Registration Services" is one of the most price competitive domain registration services in the Internet. Also, we are one of the few merchants who will accept Australian, US, UK and Euro currencies for Domain Name’s registrations.

Our Affiliates can take advantage of a 10% commission off our Domain Name registration fees. For example, our retail price for a two-year .com.au domain is currently AU$60.00 (plus GST). So the affiliate will get a AU$6 commission for each registration and renewal. Our domain registration prices are indeed very competitive. Please note that prices may change depending on the market.


We often receive requests for the design and development of Web Sites that at the time of the request we may not be able to carry out in the timeframe required by the prospective client due to other current commitments. When faced with this situation, we seek a quotation from one of our affiliates to undertake the work. We select the Affiliate according to their expertise in particular areas of interest to the prospective client. For example, the client may want a Third Generation type of design with complex graphics, or a total Flash approach, or an e-Commerce application, or some design work using PHP and MySQL, or a second generation type of design using interactive pages, or a standard fixed-pages type of design (still very popular with budget sites), etc. Web5star takes all responsibility for the finished product before the client, and for this we add a brokerage fee of 5% to 10% depending on the size of the quote. We also act as an intermediary between the designer and the prospective client. In a complex project, we let the designer interact directly with the client.


Even if the referral provided by you to Web5star is not one of your business client, you can still benefit from our generous commissions for as long as the client remains with Web5star.

And best of all, we are committed to providing excellent customer care and the best value for money in terms of services and state-of-the-art facilities.

It makes sense to take advantage of this business opportunity.

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